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A place where you will find loving people committed to partnering with parents to help kids begin a relationship with Christ. Our children’s ministry provides a safe, exciting place where kids can learn about God.
We are very excited about partnering with you!
As parents, we want you to know that Kidzville is full of Disciples who want to come alongside and support you as parents as you help your child develop a relationship with Jesus. Our goal is to partner with you to give your child what matters most!
Each Sunday in Kidzville, we are committed to providing the best start to every child’s week!  In Kidzville, your child will have a blast in an engaging environment where they will learn basic Biblical truths through drama, music, hands-on activities, and small-group discussions. Before your child enters 7th grade and is promoted to our X-factor youth, we want to make sure these three things stick:
1. I need to make wise choices.
2. I can trust God no matter what.
3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated.
From babies to sixth graders, our team wants to give your family an excellent experience.
When you arrive, our team will happily show you the way to the children’s area. You’ll go to the first-time check-in station where you can tell us a little about your family to help us serve you well. On our check-in form we’ll ask things like what allergies your child may have, how many children are in your family, and get your contact information.
Then, you and your child will both get a sticker with a matching code. If for any reason we need to reach you during the service, you’ll see your child’s code on the screen. This sticker is also what you’ll use to pick up your child after the service.
*See more special Covid-19 policies/procedures above in regards to how we are helping to protect your child's safety and health.

Think Orange Curriculum 

We believe that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences.
The Church + Home = Greater Impact
Light (yellow) + Love (red) = Orange

First Look Preschool Curriculum

Everything we teach our preschoolers is based on one of three simple, but powerful, truths.
1. God Made Me
2. God Loves Me
3. Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever

The entire curriculum is constructed to incite wonder in a preschooler and meet them where they are cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Through age appropriate activities, preschoolers are building their spiritual foundation so that by the time they graduate to Kindergarten they know the three basic truths.

252 Elementary Curriculum

What does 252 represent? It’s not our street address or the number of questions a 2nd-grader can ask in 20 minutes. Instead, everything we teach in 252 Kids is based on one of the three basic, but powerful, truths modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52.
1. I need to make the wise choice.
2. I can trust God no matter what.
3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

252 Kids is designed to provoke discovery and invite kids into a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus. It focuses on 150 Key Bible stories, 4 Faith Skills and 30 Life Apps.

252 Preteen Curriculum

Creating a specific environment just for this age-group and tailoring an experience for how they think, learn, feel, and grow in how they understand God and how the Bible relates to their life.

We’ll connect the scope and cycle to 252 Kids, but approach it in a way that’s perfect for the preteen mind. With 252 Preteen, we start with a question that helps set kids on a path to discover something true about God with a way for them to wrestle with it and personalize it to their unique situation.

Parent child dedication

We are excited that you are interested in dedicating your child to the Lord. The purpose of Parent/Child dedication is for parents to present their child before God and the church, committing to seek after His grace and wisdom in carrying out their responsibilities.

Our service is called a Parent/Child Dedication because both are being dedicated. In this service, you are coming forward to declare that, as the parent, you take your responsibility seriously and commit yourself to rearing your children in a God-honoring manner. We would also like you to understand that the Parent/Baby Dedication is not an infant baptism and a baby does not become saved through the dedication. We believe your child will make a decision about Christ at an age where he or she understands what that means.

We believe that God is a God of purpose. The family was the first institution created by God between a man and a woman. Parent & Baby Dedication is when we give to God what belongs to Him.    

During the dedication service, parents promise before God, their family, and the church to raise their child in a God-honoring way. Because parents are the key role models for their children, we ask that they commit to the following before dedicating their child:

1. I will make Jesus Christ the Foundation of our home.
2. I will keep the fear of God before my eyes.
3. I will fight for my family.
4. I will trust in the finished work of Jesus, the Lamb of the cross.
5. I will love my family, which puts God first.

With your commitment, then as your church family, we also commit to continue to believe in God’s way for your family, and pray for your family to look to Jesus Christ for strength, wisdom, and the life He gives.
The 2020-2021 Bible Quiz Year begins the Wednesday, September 9.
Email Eric Cook with your interest and/or questions.

Meet the team.

Pastor David Tripp

Children's Lead Pastor
Heritage Kidzville impacts children by guiding them to:
1. Make wiser choices
2. Build stronger relationships
3. Develop a deeper faith

Amy Pohlman

Early Childhood Director
Infants - PreK children's hearts are continually being engrained that:
1. God made them
2. God loves them
3. Jesus wants to be their friend forever

Chris Seidle

Elementary Director
K - 3rd grade is moving:
1. Moving kids to love God by inciting wonder
2. Move kids to love life by provoking discovery
3. Move kids to love others by fueling passion

Daniel Wilt

Pre-teen Director
4th - 6th grade continues to move and expand concepts of:
1. Moving kids to love God by inciting wonder
2. Move kids to love life by provoking discovery
3. Move kids to love others by fueling passion

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